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Principal Mutual Fund Daily NAV update As on Feb 19,2018

Fund NameNAV (Rs.)NAV of previous Business Day (Rs.)Increase
    /    Decrease
Principal Cash Management Fund
Direct Plan1679.37261678.43530.93730.06
Direct Plan Dividend Daily1000.63671000.63670.00000.00
Direct Plan Dividend Monthly1023.31551028.3956-5.0801-0.50
Direct Plan Dividend Weekly1007.67561007.11320.56240.06
Regular Plan Dividend Daily1000.88931000.88930.00000.00
Regular Plan Dividend Monthly1023.29281028.3197-5.0269-0.49
Regular Plan Dividend Weekly1007.15711006.60070.55640.06
Regular Plan Growth1672.58041671.65650.92390.06

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