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Principal Mutual Fund Daily NAV update As on Jun 24,2018

Fund NameNAV (Rs.)NAV of previous Business Day (Rs.)Increase
    /    Decrease
Principal Cash Management Fund
Direct Plan1721.59881720.90410.69470.04
Direct Plan Dividend Daily1000.63671000.63670.00000.00
Direct Plan Dividend Monthly1024.72341024.30990.41350.04
Direct Plan Dividend Weekly1007.52401007.11740.40660.04
Regular Plan Dividend Daily1000.88931000.88930.00000.00
Regular Plan Dividend Monthly1024.69141024.28120.41020.04
Regular Plan Dividend Weekly1007.06581006.66270.40310.04
Regular Plan Growth1714.28001713.59390.68610.04

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